Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't judge!



sweater, skirt: thrifted
tank top: Old Navy
boots, tights, socks: Target
necklace: InPink

I can't believe I've never said this before, but please don't judge the occupants of my house by the contents of our backyard. I promise, we're not hillbillies or white trash. We just happen to be four grown-ass adults...who enjoy hanging out in kiddie pools during the summer and can't be bothered to put them in the garage in the winter. Totes normal.

Anyway, enjoy these outdoor pics while you can. Last winter, I could sometimes get before-work shots outside if it wasn't too cold. This year, I leave for work much earlier (and I'm not willing to get up half an hour earlier than I already do!) but by the time I get home, it's already dark. Sooo...indoor photos will be the theme for this winter. Unfortunately.

In other words, this sweater might just be my New Favorite Thing. It's so comfy. And warm. And pretty. Swoon...


  1. SUCH a cute outfit!! Love the boot socks and the cranberry tights.

  2. I'd give ANYTHING to be allowed to take outfit-photos outdoors like these in your yard.

    No judgments, but... does Honey Boo Boo live next door? :)


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