Monday, December 3, 2012

Local review: Nurtur Salon

When I moved to Columbus, one of the first things I looked for was a new stylist. Having just graduated from college in a town with approximately three salons to its name, I was overwhelmed with the options this city had to offer. Luckily, my friend Allory recommended a salon she'd been frequenting for years. Now, I'm a die-hard fan of Nurtur, an Aveda salon in the Columbus-adjacent suburb of Upper Arlington. So when their marketing person contacted me to do a review of their newest location, in the trendy little neighborhood of Grandview, I was thrilled.

(Bear with me on this review. It's long, but only because I love this place. And at the end, there's a giveaway!)

Nurtur is an Aveda salon, so it has great product and exceptional customer service. The Grandview location (1325 Grandview Ave.) doesn't disappoint there. When I walked in, I was promptly greeted by the smiling faces of the staff, who checked me in and offered me something to drink.

This location features a unique drink menu, with Staufs coffee and two blends of Staufs tea that were specially made for the store. The original location has coffee and tea, but they're not from Staufs, which is a locally owned coffee house here in Columbus that has what is, hands down, the best coffee I've ever had. So. Good.

Anyway, my stylist John was waiting for me once I got my drink. John's been doing my hair for about six or seven months now, since my original stylist left the company. He's fantastic; he knows my hair better than I do and is always able to tweak my style a little bit to keep it fresh. Plus, he's a great conversationalist, which in my opinion is almost as important in a stylist as actual talent.

All hair appointments start off with a quick stress-relieving chair massage. This is a major selling point for me; I have constant knots in my shoulders. I know what you're thinking, and yes, it's totally included in the cost of your cut/color. So yeah, that's pretty awesome.

After the chair massage, it's off to the super-comfy hair washing station. I know what you're thinking...comfy hair washing? At a salon? It sounds like a contradiction, but I promise it's not. The chair and sink are both adjustable, so you can really settle in for the shampoo-and-condition routine, complete with scalp massage. But it doesn't stop there. While the conditioner is soaking in, you get your choice between a mini facial or a hand and arm massage. I've had both, and I highly recommend the mini facial. It's basically pure heaven.

Then it's off the chair for the actual cut. I was really impressed with the clean, uncluttered design of the styling station. Most salons just have a mishmash pile of product and brushes and tools jumbled on the counter. Here, everything's grouped together off to the side, so all I saw in front of me in the chair was the mirror and a nice, clean counter.

Of course, the cut itself was phenom, as always. Like I said, John really knows my hair better than I do, and he always seems to know exactly what I want, without even having to ask. He knows his stuff.

In addition to hair cut and color, the Grandview location also does texture treatments (like relaxing), makeup application, brow waxing and hair spa treatments. And if you live here in Columbus (or plan to visit soon), you can win a $25 gift card for any of the aforementioned services! Enter below...giveaway's open until Tuesday the 11th, so jump on it :)

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  1. Jealllouuuss ! A mini facial sounds amazing!

  2. I've heard of Aveda. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it; I'm your newest follower!

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