Friday, November 30, 2012

Outfit win.



dress, necklace: The Limited
blazer, wedges, belt, tights: Target

This outfit features several of the items I bought during my previously mentioned shopping spree. The dress, the tights and the shoes are all new, and let me tell how much I am loving these shoes: A LOT. Seriously, they're my new favorites. They're closed, so I can wear socks and keep my feet warm. They add height, so they give me the appearance of being classy. And they're wedges, so I can actually walk in them without wobbling. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the trifecta.

The dress is pretty great, too. This photo is of an outfit I wore to work; I wore almost the exact same thing to Thanksgiving festivities. (The Thanksgiving version featured black tights and no blazer or belt...gotta love Indian summer days!) Anyway, I got a lot of compliments on this dress from my family. And the best part? I bought it on clearance, when The Limited was having a 40% off storewide sale, so it only cost me $20. Ultimate win.


  1. Nice outfit Em! The colors in that dress look really great on you. I also love the pic with Spazz's butt sticking out from under the curtain.

  2. Love the dress and those shoes! I've been trying to find the perfect wedge booties (my current ones hurt my feet so muuuch) and those look awesome!

  3. Score! The dress is amazing and the shoes rock. You look really great. Plus, that smile is infectious.

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