Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis the season

For many things, it would seem. Including my annual "cold that's so bad I'm pretty sure I'm going to keel over" illness extravaganza. I spent all day yesterday on the couch, and barely dragged my sorry butt through work today. But time and tide wait for no man, or something like that (feels like that cold medicine is kicking in...I'm loopy) so here are some pics of our Christmas tree this year.





I wanted to get a real tree, but space is something of an issue, so I used our speaker as a kind of tree extender, complete with green garland and lights. And because there wasn't room for all of our (okay, my) Christmas ornaments, I used some to decorate beside the tree and on our mantle (which is crazy cluttered and therefore unphotographed). We have a lot of Ohio University ornaments. School pride! Go Bobcats!

In other news, it was really frustrating taking these photos until I discovered that I can actually adjust the ISO settings on my point-and-shoot. Score!

Oh, and those presents down there? Matt and I opened them already. I was really excited for him to open his gifts, so I insisted that we do it last week. I got him a really nice new tent and cufflinks shaped like the Starship Enterprise. He got me some gloves that have fingertips specially designed to work with touch screens, so I can text and stay warm :) And a bunch of Pampered Chef things I really wanted, AND an amazing pair of slippers that keep my feet toasty warm. (That's kind of a gift for him, too...I used to put my cold feet on his legs at night to warm them. But no longer!)

What about you guys? Any early present-openers out there?

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