Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No one becomes a cat lady on purpose

Once upon a time, Matt did not like cats and I was fairly indifferent. I had had a couple growing up, but one was terrible (it ate carpet) and the other didn't really like me. So, you know, they seemed cute and all, but not the best companions.

Then, we adopted Spazzy.


Spazzy was born to a stray that lived in the backyard of my friend's then-boyfriend's house. Anyway, they couldn't find a home for her, and the shelters were full. She was so adorable, so I begged Matt and he caved, and she came home with us. And now...



No one ever means to become a cat lady (or cat guy?) on purpose. But Matt and I just watched videos (yes, there are multiple) of Spazzy playing when she was a tiny kitten. And now I just want another little kitten, to be silly and cute and keep Spaz company. And you know something? I don't think Matt is 100% opposed to the idea either, haha. And so it begins...


(And if you're like us, and really love cat pics/videos, check out this old post and follow me on Instagram (efrankart). I post way more cat pictures than is probably appropriate.)


  1. Spazzy is adorable! I love, love, love that first photo!

  2. Hehehehee... oh yeah, my dad used to HATE cats, but I begged when i was a little kid and we finally got one. Now he absolutely loves them, and has a hard time dealing with the dog :P

  3. Great cat. I had two and they loved keeping each other company.

  4. hahaha it happens so quickly!! No one blames you, promise lol. If you are in the market for a second cat, get a male ginger, seriously the BEST kind of cat pets :)


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