Friday, February 1, 2013

Fiscal Fridays: January clothes budget

So I decided to jump on Franziska's Budgeting Bloggers bandwagon, and post monthly recaps of how I spend my clothes "allowance" each month. I love the idea of holding yourself accountable by telling the world how you're doing (if you hadn't guessed, based on my previous Fiscal Friday posts). So from now on, I'll do a little recap on the last Friday of every month.

But Emma, I hear you say, this is the FIRST Friday of February! Stop confusing us! I hear ya. I would've posted this last Friday, but I didn't decide to start linking up to this shebang until two days ago. And I figure, February 1st is really just kind of the same as January 32nd. And that's why I'm reliant on my phone's calendar.

Anyway. Here's the breakdown. I give myself $50 from each paycheck to spend on clothes. So most months, I get $100. (Except some months I get $150. WOOHOO!) January was a unique beast for another reason, however. I got a freelance paycheck. And since I don't factor those into my monthly budget, they're free money to do with as I see fit. Sometimes I save them, sometimes I put them toward debt payments. This one I spent on fun times with Emily and Stephanie, and some much-needed retail therapy. So technically, I'm over my $100 budget, but not really, because I had extra money to play with :)

january budget

I provided links where I could, but a lot of this stuff was clearance/not available online. As for the whole blogger movement of providing links to similar items...uhh, sorry. To quote Sweet Brown, ain't nobody got time for that.

1. Snake print heels - $15, Target - Because who doesn't need snakes on their feet? ||exact||
2. Black flats - $25, Target - To replace my old black flats, which died :( ||exact||
3. Black skinnies - $28, Target - Again, replacements. My other skinnies mysteriously shrunk (along with half of my other pants, of course). ||exact||
4. Black knit hat - $5?, Target - Clearance item!
5. Gray textured skirt -$12, Target - More clearance! I tried to show a close-up detail of the pattern on it, but in the collage it just looks kind of weird.
6. Berry cardi - $15, Target - I'm not sure what color to call this. Tag said "berry," but it's kind of like a magenta or fuchsia, maybe?
7. Moto jacket - $25, thrifted - That's right! This find made my day. Ask Kellyn, she saw all the giddy.
8. Polka dot blouse - $4, thrifted - Polka dots might be my new addiction (see also: stripes)
9. Leopard print belt - $6, H&M - To match my shoes! ||exact||
10. Pearl and chain necklace - $11, VeryJane - Very cool site. It does daily/weekly deals like a Groupon or LivingSocial, but for jewelry, accessories, décor items, etc.
11. Knit tights - $17, H&M - I miss wearing skirts. These might be thick enough to keep me warm!
12. Striped shirt - $8, H&M - Yet another replacement. I stained the last one during a very enthusiastic game of Pictionary with dry erase markers.
13. Flower earrings - $7, H&M - I have been looking for these ever since I saw them on my sister at Christmas.

Total: $180. So really, not all that much overbudget, even. A good month, really...I managed to score a loooooong-term "shopping list" item and plug a few other holes, too. Woop woop!


  1. Thanks for linking up - I'm so glad you are going to participate :) I love those heels - they definitely don't look like Target!

  2. nice! i like this idea! I buy 75% of my clothes at thrift stores (no joke) so it would be interesting to see what I actually spend, because I think it's probably more than I wan tot admit...

  3. January 32nd?? You could be a lawyer with that mind!

  4. Oooh you still got lots for $180! That's awesome!! That thrifted moto -jacket is a steal.


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