Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OMG shoes

Yes, this post title is a reference to this video, which is so old in terms of Internet memes that it's practically ancient. But I don't care. Every time I shop for shoes, that is what I think of. Because that's normal, right?





blouse: old, don't remember
blazer, slacks: thrifted
heels: Target
earrings: H&M
necklace: Etsy

This outfit has so much going on, I almost can't even handle it. Ruffles. Mismatched blazer/slacks combo. Pretty little earrings. A necklace I've been obsessed with lately. Snake print. (I just typed "snape print" by mistake. Now THAT would be something.)

These shoes have been on my "to-buy" list for literally months. They finally went on clearance to just $15, and I couldn't pass them up. Best part? I have the exact same shoes in black already, so I already knew my size and didn't have to visit a million targets to find a pair that fits. I just ordered them, used my Target card to get free shipping, and BAM! They were at my door before I knew it. (I paid off the card as soon as the charge posted. Because I'm responsible with my credit now.)

All around? I call this outfit a definite winner. Boo-yah achieved.


  1. Great outfit. I love snake (and Snape, incidentally) especially on shoes. I also love the necklace and those adorable rose stud earrings.

  2. Nice score on the shoes!! And I would love to see something "snape print" ;)


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