Thursday, March 14, 2013

A few random things

Hey guys!

I'm not sure if you can really call this a post, but I have something to share with you guys and something to ask of you as well, so I figured it's enough to be a pseudo-post. So. Here it is. First, the share:

I hope you'll bear with the recent influx of eShakti mentions here lately, but I have one more for the moment. They're doing a little writing contest that centers around International Women's Day, which was apparently March 8. In 45 words or less, write about what women really want. Here's the prompt they sent me:

Sorry about the late notice, what with the deadline being tomorrow and all, but really a day isn't too short to write 45 words, right? Right. (I know I'll be writing my mini-essay tonight, haha.) And hey, you could win a $150 gift card, so that's pretty cool too.

And now for the request. I just found out that Google Reader is retiring this summer (you may have heard my scream of fury a few moments ago), and I now have to find a new RSS reader app/program/website. Any suggestions, besides Bloglovin' (which I'm not a huge fan of)?


  1. Thank you Emma for the prompt! I have a small poem that I think I'll first poetry submission ever! As for feeds, sorry, I use Bloglovin' and the notifications from Blogger that the blogs I follow have a post.

  2. I'm equally upset about GR going dark. Sucks!


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