Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get into the groove pretty much what I need to do with my life.



shirt: thrifted
skirt, tights, necklace: The Limited
heels: Target
belt: came w/ a skirt from JCPenney

I often feel like there's not enough time in the evenings to do all the stuff I want to do. Work out, shower, blog, make a delicious (read: not frozen/takeout) dinner, occasional freelance work, relax...actually, when I list it all out, it really doesn't sound like that much. But it sure feels like it.

The obvious solution would be to do some of those things (work out and/or blog) in the mornings. But I'll be honest: Mornings are NOT my strong suit. I am so anti-mornings that I've turned Matt, who used to be a huge morning person. Now we both just hit the snooze over and over, curling up under the blankets and trying to avoid the inevitable moment when we actually have to (gag) get out of bed.

I would love to get up an hour earlier to head to the gym or even half an hour earlier to write a blog post. But honestly, dragging my sorry butt out of bed at 7 (okay, let's be honest, 7:15) is hard enough as it is. I know. I'm the worst.


  1. Wow... my alarm goes at 5:45. Soooooo... lol! but the only reason I go into work so early is so that I can leave by 4. There are many things you can accomplish with a nice long evening. I don't blame you though. If I didn't have to be at work until 9ish, I would definitely sleep in as much as possible!

  2. I'm the same way. For us owls, mornings are unproductive; simply getting out of bed is a big accomplishment.

    I know your struggle; last night I too tried to cram too much in and fell asleep exhausted. On the other hand, you always look so polished that you give the impression your beauty is effortless. :)

  3. I can totally relate! Getting up early is always a struggle no matter how much I prep or plan, I just can't do it. Lately I've been making an effort to work out after I get home from work and it feels like my "free" time has evaporated. I know it sounds OCD and totally crazy but I've started to block out my entire week. It helped me to put everything into perspective and really showed me where I was spending too much time or vis versa. Give it a try, it's really startling when you see how much time you're loosing on silly stuff each week.

    - Caitlin


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