Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation (part 2)



(Like the Grumpy Cat, only unfortunately not as awesome)

shirt, belt: H&M
chambray-style-thingy: Banana Republic
skinnies, flats: Target
necklace: The Limited

Remembering to take outfit photos on vacation is hard. And awkward. You think you can be sneaky about it, throwing the camera at your boyfriend while you're sister and brother-in-law take the dog out for a bathroom break. You frantically pose, hoping the door won't open mid-snap. And then it does, and you're embarrassed for no good reason because everyone you know knows about your blog because you talk about it embarrassingly often. So yeah, that's pretty much what happened here.

If you're thinking to yourself, self, that outfit looks a lot like the one in yesterday's post, well, you're right. And I didn't realize the similarities while packing, so there you go. I wore this to brunch, but apparently in the south, brunch is something you're supposed to wear a dress to, so I was kind of underdressed. But like I said yesterday, that food was so damn was easy to pretend that I was just as fancy as everyone else.

These were the only two outfits I was able to/remembered to get photos of, but the others were kind of repeats. If you're interested, I did a variation of this outfit, only with these skinny jeans and moto-style boots, for the trip down and the first night out. The trip back featured this outfit, again with the same skinny jeans and boots. I can't believe I've never really worn those boots on the blog before (well, I did for Halloween but they were rolled up and not really cute at all). So here's a pic.

Uhh, Walmart. Can you believe it? Because I couldn't.

So fellow bloggers, tell me. Do you take outfit pics on vacation? Or is your vacay a break from blogging, too?

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  1. I love long weekends to catch up on outfit shots, but true vacations are hard. If you're not dressed, it's hard to force yourself!
    Love the grumpy cat shot, I think you totes nailed it.


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