Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting psyched



cardi: H&M
T-shirt: JCPenney
skirt: Old Navy
heels, necklace: Target

Feeling much better since yesterday evening; thanks to those of you who asked :) Dunno what was up with that, all I really care about is that I'm feeling good, getting psyched and ready to take on the world!

Now, you may or may not have noticed that I'm more excitable than a two-month-old puppy. Only I usually manage not to pee all over the floor. But this week, I am super super crazy pumped for something I thought I'd never do again: see Fall Out Boy in concert. Laugh all you want (believe me, a part of me is laughing right along with you), but this was my absolute favorite band in high school and through a good portion of college. They went "on hiatus" a few years ago, which usually is PR-speak for "broke up forever." BUT NOW THEY'RE BACK AND THEY'RE PLAYING RIGHT HERE IN COLUMBUS ON FRIDAY.

Again, no one my age should be this jazzed over this band. I realize this. But the 16-year-old fangirl in me is still very much alive, and she's temporarily taking over my brain. So, that's been interesting.

And, as usual, I've gone on and on about something completely unrelated to this outfit. That's okay, I guess; I was feeling kind of blah the morning I threw this outfit together and just kept it simple. The texture on the shirt keeps it from being too boring, right?


  1. It's good to be passionate. That makes life fun and exciting. Cute outfit, too.

  2. That's so exciting! Jimmy Eat World is coming to Ottawa for our Bluesfest festival, and I'm going all by myself. Re-live high school obsessions? Yes please!

  3. hahaha oh gosh, girl you just do you!


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