Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just dance



cropped sweater: came with a dress from Burlington Coat Factory
cami, heels: Target
cropped slacks: The Limited
necklace: H&M

So I was going to write about this outfit and its colors and how bright they are, compared to what I usually wear. But I'm tired. I'm not sure where all of Monday's energy went, but it is gone. I'm tired, and not in a way that a nap can cure. I don't know where it came from, but a little bout of general blah-ness is settling into my bones and making me want to watch bad TV and eat junk food until I hate myself a little bit. Or a lot, I'm flexible on that.

But I'm not going to do that! I recently started taking dance clases, and they're honestly one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I actually discovered the studio through a freelance story I was researching, and I instantly did the worst thing a journalist can do and got emotionally involved. I've been going to classes once a week ever since. Tonight is hip-hop :)

So, that's the sad-story-happy-story I have for you today. I'm feeling depressed as hell for no reason, but I'm going to fix it by dancing for 90 minutes. Best. Solution. Ever.


  1. I love dance classes, they're my favorite form of exercise. Along with Jazzercise which is practically dance but somehow more hilarious. Not that I've done either lately, but I need to.

    I really like the combination of your cropped pants and pointed toe heels. And the yellow looks lovely on you.

    Enjoy hip hop!

  2. Ohh.. that sounds fun! I've been intending to join dance classes for a while now.. lazy-me hasn't gotten around to doing it yet! I love the necklace you are wearing. its cute :)

  3. Ooh that's fun! I never danced but I have a bunch of friends who did when they were kids. I'm sure it'd be a great stress relief now - how can hip hop NOT be fun?!


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