Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What DOES one wear to a fashion show?

My friend Kellyn asked me this very question when I invited her to come with me to the Aveda Earth Jam fashion show/fundraiser last week. She unfortunately wasn't able to go after all (stupid work!) but it did get me thinking. Last year I just wore all black and heels—a reliable go-to for any fashionista. This year, however, I decided to get a little more trendy with it.



shirt, necklace: Old Navy
skinnies, booties, bracelets: Target
nail polish: Old Navy's brand in Melon Glow

First I asked myself, what would a style blogger wear at an event where she's representing herself and her blog? Of course, I had no real answer, because seriously, it's not like I do this professionally (or even all that well, if I'm being brutally honest). So then I thought back to the spring fashion trends article I wrote recently (cute how I snuck that link in here again, right?) and came up with a few ideas: black-and-white, cuffed skinnies and a hint of neon.

Now, I know I've expressed my extreme distaste for the neon trend before, but I'd like to amend that statement. Neon shirts/pants/skirts/dresses? Hell to the no. I stand by my original statement. But neon accents, like these nails (or some of the great picks over on Fashion for Giants recently)...well, let's just say I'm warming up to them. It helps that when I bought this nail polish, it looked like more of a sorbet shade...but once it was on and dried, it was full-out glowing. No joke. Here's a pic of the same nail polish after I dug out my garden last weekend:


Anyway. Talk about a tangent. So yeah, to conclude, this is apparently what a style blogger wears to a fashion show :) Now, I'm off to finish transcribing interviews (please, shoot me now) for yet another freelance package...this one is four stories about the arts scene in Columbus, which has been a BLAST to research! But it's due Friday, and I still have to pieces to if I'm not back until after the weekend, you'll know the reason why!


  1. Oh, now this really sucks! I switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin about a month ago and tried, unsuccessfully, to move all my favorite blogs over. Last night, I thought, "Why hasn't Emma posted in so long?" Then I checked -- you have been posting; I just didn't have you on my new radar. AAAARRGGGHH!!

    Well, anyway, I fixed the problem. Sorry for my absence; it was unintentional.

  2. you look awesome. Stripes are ALWAYS a good choice in my books! Neon...I'm still on the fence. It's very bold, I think you just have to realize that everyone will stare at you if you are wearing it lol. I love all your little jewelry accents, very fashionista!

  3. LOVE this outfit - especially those cute booties! And your hair looks particularly awesome here too!


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