Tuesday, June 18, 2013

25 in 25

So this is the post I meant to do yesterday, but my short attention span got in the way. C'est la vie, no?

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Recently, my dear bloggy friend Sydney made a list of 24 things to do while she's 24. (Aka the age she turned on Friday.) And I was inspired to do the same! After some thought, here's what I came up with:

1. Become debt-free (On track for October!!!)
2. Get a DLSR and learn how to use it
3. Visit a new city
4. Lead-climb the arch route at the Audubon (I've top-roped it about a quarter of the way up so far)
5. Build up three to six months’ worth of emergency living expenses
6. Pick out an engagement ring. Make up yo damn mind!
7. Start a savings account/fund for Matt's and my wedding
8. Visit all three of my sisters at least once (One in South Carolina, one in Bowling Green, Ohio, and one in Athens, Ohio, at my alma mater)
9. Get at least one of the tattoos on my list (I'm thinking the watercolor/dandelion back piece. OMG!)
10. Finish up my ear piercings (One more on each side)
11. Go white water rafting
12. Get furniture that I’m not embarrassed of (Priorities: couch, bed frame)
13. Lead-climb a 5.9 route at the Red River Gorge (or I guess the New River Gorge)
14. Do a 5k (Note I did not say "run" a 5k...I just need to complete one haha)
15. Do more “pay it forward” stuff (Why are cars never behind me in the drive-thru??)
16. Visit the Columbus Zoo
17. Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory
18. See at least one of my favorite bands perform live
19. Go to the ballet
20. Go to the symphony
21. Learn to sew
22. Sample more of Columbus' independently owned restaurants and bars
23. Beef up my camping gear (Priorities: backpack, hiking boots, sleeping pad)
24. Make Julia Child’s boeuf bourginon
25. Learn to moon-walk! (This has been a recent topic in my hip-hop dance class. I have the process, just not the smoothness/coordination)

Do you have a mini-bucket-list-type thing for the next year of your life?


  1. This is awesome! Teach me how to moon walk when you find out ;)

  2. YEAH GIRL! get some!!!! eeee! so exciting! I am loving all of your climbing activities, so outdoorsy and fun!

  3. This is awesome and something I may need to borrow for my own blog!

  4. I love this! Although I don't think I could come up with 27 things! Once I get back in shape, I would love to do some outdoorsy things with you guys.

  5. Good aspirations. I find having goals is key to reaching them. The process enriches our life.

  6. Love it! Can I be your Zoo buddy?


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