Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh yeah, there's a birthday in here somewhere...

Hint: It's mine! And it's today! Things are still super crazy right now, what with filing insurance crap and tracking down receipts and making up for lost freelance work, but I made it a point to take this weekend off and just enjoy turning 25. Saturday we went climbing with a couple friends at the Audubon downtown for like four hours, and then we went to Dirty Frank's for a very late lunch. That night, we went out with some friends on to a new brewery in town called Seventh Son. There, I probably enjoyed myself a bit too much, because Sunday was a tad bit miserable ;)

Today, though. Today was pretty sweet. I slept in, then grabbed lunch at Panera and headed off to my spa day, courtesy Matt! I'd been trying to give myself a birthday spa day for a few years now, but something always came up to screw up my budget in April or May. This year, I had the appointments made and everything, and two days later my stuff got stolen. As I was lamenting the loss of my stuff and the cost to replace everything, I realized I would have to cancel my spa day yet again...but then Matt stepped in and made that my present! He's so awesome. I should mention too he spent all of yesterday taking care of my hungover self! I'm needy when I don't feel well. Like, really needy. Did I mention how awesome he is?

Anyway, here's what I wore out Saturday night. Casual but cute was my goal, and I think I achieved it pretty well!



shirt, shorts: thrifted
necklace: gifted
shoes: Target
belt: H&M

Now I'm off to meet my grandma for dinner. She's the sweetest :)


  1. Happy birthday!! Hope 25 brings you lots of awesomeness. I mean starting it off with a spa day? Can't get much better than that!

  2. Hey! Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself.


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