Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Like a boss

Forgive this post if it seems a bit narcissistic, but it's basically a bunch of pictures of me being a BAMF last weekend. I meant to post them last night, but I got distracted. Days aren't long enough, I think.

So I'm definitely standing on a ledge here (Kentucky Pinstripe)...but the picture cuts off so let's pretend I'm not, cause that makes this so much more awesome.

Starting up "the one that got away" last time (Eureka)

Almost to the top of Eureka!

Starting out on The Offering. I like this shot because I'm actually mid-clip here, so you can see how far the last bolt is below me and how far I'd go if I fell!

More of The Offering

Last couple of moves on The Offering

This might be my fave. Look at those back/shoulder muscles! Technically I'm cheating here; I'm hanging on to the anchor, not the rock. But hey, any way you can make it up, right? Right.

So yeah, there you have it! Pretty cool, if you ask me :)


  1. Go, Emma! Love the muscles and courage. You're my favorite new heroine!

  2. This is so awesome !!! You totally scaled that wall like no other!


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