Wednesday, June 5, 2013



dress: eShakti
shoes: Buckle
belt: Target

Well, eventually I want to start getting up at 6 a.m., but this morning I managed to drag my sorry night-owl butt up at 6:30. It's better than nothing, but it leaves me with time for little else besides quickly editing these pics and throwing up a super-short post. No time for any of my freelance writing, but hey, there's always my lunch break, right?

I'm not really feeling these pics today, which is a shame because this is that super-cute dress I bought with last month's clothes budget. I wore it to a baby shower for one of Matt's cousins and got a lot of compliments. I also wore it to work, where I also got compliments, so yeah, I'm pretty pleased with this dress. I just wish I had taken better pictures in it, haha. My hair...ick. And what's up with the tilted background?? Oh camera, you are so weird.

Here's a close-up of the pattern on this dress. I. freaking. love it.



  1. Great print, beautiful dress. Getting up early will be painful for a while but you'll adjust and then it will feel normal.

  2. SO cute!! That dress is super fab on you, and with the shoes? INTO IT!

  3. You look amazing in that dress! I love the print on it. Great choice!

  4. what, I think the pictures look good! that dress was (literally) made for you. it looks great :)


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