Monday, July 22, 2013

I guess it's that time again...



tank: secondhand
cami: Old Navy
skinnies: Forever 21
jelly shoes: Urban Outfitters
necklace: Etsy
lipstick: Mary Kay in Red

You guys, I absolutely hate moving. It's such a pain in the butt. All the painting, packing, drives me crazy. The only thing I actually like about moving is at the very end, when you get to unpack everything and do some hardcore nesting. I'm a big nester.

But as we draw closer to the end of the month, I find that I'm less and less able to ignore the inevitable. And as much as I desperately hope I'll wake up one morning to find that the moving fairy has packed up all our crap, I know that eventually Matt and I will have to do it ourselves. I suspect that much of this weekend will be dedicated to packing up. Le sigh.

Ok, that's bumming me out. Let's talk about these photos. They're from the Fourth of July, and I completely forgot I had them. It was raining a bit, so I had to prop my camera up under our porch and shoot from there. I was having a hard time getting consistency from the flash, so one of the shots didn't come out quite as nicely as the others.

The Fourth was unseasonably cool, but no one was really complaining. I kind of liked that I was able to wear some rolled-up skinnies as the blue component of my red, white and blue outfit. And actually, I was pretty proud of this outfit. It was patriotic and festive without being too in-your-face...and the black shirt (which almost fits me like a dress) is one of my new favorite casual tops. So all in all...great success?

Ugh, sorry for the babbling. I'm trying to get back into the habit of getting up early and it's not going so well. I'd delete this whole thing and start over, but if I do I'll be late for work. Blergh.


  1. While it's hard to tell from this distance, your makeup looks really nice. I notice (and envy) such stuff. :)

  2. I love the comfy casual top!! Cute 4th of July look :)

  3. JELLLLLYYYYYY SHOOOOESSSSSS (that was totes in my Oprah voice) and TOTALLY feel your pain about moving, I have moved about 4 times in the last two years, every complaint is totally validated in my books!


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