Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rainy days




shirt, necklace: Old Navy
jeans: secondhand Express
shoes, bracelets: Target

So I guess there's been a few tropical storms or something like that pushing a ton of rain up through the Midwest. I read yesterday that Cincinnati, which is about two hours from here, has already gotten its rain quota for the entire month. And as my bloggy friend Sydney pointed out, Toronto is getting hit pretty hard as well. Shiz be cray, amiright?

Anyway, I wore this two weekends ago to a party to celebrate Matt's grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary. 70th!! It's insane. His grandparents have been married almost as long as my mom's mom has been alive. It was a really nice party, and we even managed to get a couple of nice family photos in before--you guessed it--the downpour started. (Matt's family is huge; his dad has five sisters, and they all have kids, and some of them have kids...I love it.)

And speaking of things I love, how about this shirt? I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I rarely see an item in a commercial or on a blog and then run out to buy it. In the case of this shirt, I saw it in both formats and got it practically the next weekend. Since then, I've seen a few other bloggers wearing it, so...I guess it was a good buy?

Do you ever run out and buy specific items you see on TV or on blogs?


  1. so cute! I was thinking "that's a great shirt" as I was looking at the photos and then voila, there you go! Well done! Hollllly batman 70 years?! that's insane!

  2. Great shirt. And you present it beautifully with the rolled up jeans and cute flats.

    Your modeling skills keep getting better and better -- I watch you to learn!

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