Thursday, July 18, 2013

The switch



dress: secondhand
belt: H&M
flats: Target

So here is the official debut of my DSLR outfit-of-the-day photos! I know, I's a little underwhelming. Manual focus for self-photography is hard! I took these before I discovered this little trick, but I'm still having only moderate success with that. Autofocus, on the other hand, does a passable job. So maybe I'll stick with that? At least for now...

Sorry for the short post today guys, but I overslept and am now rushing out the door. Oh mornings, why must you be so difficult?


  1. cute dress! Don't worry! It will come with the camera thing. I got mine two Januarys ago and I'm still doing new stuff!

  2. Nice pix. I never heard of using chapstick but have used other objects to focus on.

  3. I've never used manual focus, so I'd say these are awesome for a first-shot. I only use auto-focus. I'm such a rookie ;)


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