Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Falling back into place

If you follow me on Instagram, then maybe you saw this photo I posted last night:

That's right! My insurance claim was finally processed, so I went out and snapped up my new Macbook. (Using the credit card that earns me Amazon points, which I will promptly pay off when my check is deposited on Friday. Free money, woop woop! Also, new computer, woop woop times infinity!)

I also decided to try to re-install my Adobe Creative Suite. I knew if I was able to install it, that would mean the pawn shop had uninstalled all my software on my old computer in addition to wiping my other info from it. And sure enough, Adobe installed! So good news all around.

It seems fitting, then, that I'm down to the last photos from my point-and-shoot camera. And they happen to be from the morning that all this ish went down. I've been kind of avoiding these pics, to be honest, and for a while I thought I wouldn't post them at all. But not posting them won't change anything, and I'm sick of letting fear and regret dictate my choices and actions. So here they are.



button-down: New York & Company
dress: eShakti
nude shoes: Franco Sarto via Marshall's
silver shoes: DSW
necklace: gifted

The top photo is what I had planned to wear to work that day. I stuck the heels in my bag because walking long distances in them is pretty awful, so I was wearing flip flops. (Yes, I tried to chase down a thief wearing flips flops and a dress.) Needless to say, those nude shoes are gone. I would up wearing the silver ones when I went to work for a few hours that day in a vain attempt to distract myself.

I suppose the silver lining to losing those Franco Sartos is that I didn't wear them much because the heel height was a bit too much for me...and my insurance pays out replacement value for items, so they gave me $95 for these shoes instead of the $25 or so I paid. So, that's cool, I guess.

Those bottom two side-by-side photos, by the way, are what I wore to my sister's high school graduation party. It's so crazy to think that she's going to college in just about a month--but she's going to my alma mater, so I'll have plenty of excuses to visit her ;)


  1. It's hard to face bad things but they're part of our personal history and, over time, our wounds heal. In the future, you'll be able to look back on this event with less sadness. I'm sorry you had to live through it.

  2. I totally get what you mean about not wanting to post the photos. I'm such a...memory trigger person? I get reminded of things way too easily (I have this bottle of body spray that I was using when I was going out with that guy I wrote about on my blog, and every time I use it it reminds me of him so I just want to throw it out, it's just not worth the emotional upchucking that happens). That dress is SO fabulous on you! Excellent eShakti pick!! Good for you for getting over your fears and being like "huh-uh imma do this"

  3. Love love that dress on you. And yay for such an awesome new computer ;) Good to hear that your software installed with no problems :)


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