Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend adventures



white shirt: thrifted
pink shirt, necklace: The Limited
cropped pants: New York & Company
flats: Target

I'm at a point in my life where time and finance have finally balanced out. For the first time in my life, I have nearly complete freedom to do what I want, even at the last minute. In college, money issues usually prevented me from affording fun trips or whatnot--and if it wasn't a finance issue, it was a matter of scheduling. And the same went for the first year and a half post-college. But now, I'm discovering this newfound freedom and I'm completely in love with it.

Like this week, a spur-of-the-moment half-plan turned into a full-fledged trip to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. And, like our last two trips to the Red, it was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I kind of wore myself out on routes that were a bit beyond my skill level on the first day, meaning my attempts on the second day were a bit of a letdown. But I always like to have a "project" to return to--some sort of vendetta I want to carry out on a wall, to motivate me to return. So there's the upside.

I also did a bit of deep-water solo climbing. That's where you climb without a harness or a rope over deep water, and when you fall or reach the top, you just jump in. I'm not a very strong swimmer, and I have a pretty healthy fear of heights anyway, but I did do a bit of climbing and even jumped in from a (very, very short) height. Mostly I just swam around in an inner tube, though. Matt jumped off a 25-foot ledge and said it was pretty terrifying.

(For anyone who's wondering, the fear of heights thing is one of the reasons I like to climb in the first place. It's all about getting out of your comfort zone and conquering your fear. Still, doing it in a harness with a rope is very, very different from doing it solo over water. Maybe next time I can conquer that fear a little more. We'll see.)

We got back late Sunday afternoon, and after a quick nap and dinner, I went to the Tegan and Sara/fun. concert. I'm not a big T&S fan--I don't really know any of their music--but fun. put on a pretty sweet show. It was nice to be able to hang toward the edge of the crowd, sit on a blanket and chill or get up and dance around, instead of being squished in the sweaty front-of-the-crowd area the whole time.

And now it's Monday, and I'm exhausted. But it was totally worth it!


  1. Yay! Glad you had fun. I admire you facing your fear. And going so gung-ho into these active and strenuous activities.

  2. dude, that sounds like an AWESOME weekend! Amazing! I am in awe of you conquering your fear of heights, that's a huge deal, and like really good energy to be putting out in the universe!!

  3. The deep water solo climbing sounds amazing!! I'd love to try that someday! You are pretty freakin' awesome to conquer your fear this way!
    What a great weekend!

  4. Ahh the climbing sounds like a great way to conquer your fears! Good for you!! :D


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