Friday, August 30, 2013

Fiscal Fridays: August clothes budget

Usually when I write these posts I'm all, "Whaaaaat it's the end of the month already??" But August was so eventful, I'm really just thinking, "Yeah, that seems about right." And as expensive as August was in terms of completely destroying my new house/moving budget, I actually came in under for my clothes budget! Cue the shock and awe.

Of course, I am going on a major clothes shopping trip with my friend Emily tomorrow...but I'm thinking I'll just pretend that trip happens on September 1 instead of August 31 and count all purchases toward next month's spending. It's only cheating by, like, 12 hours. That's okay, yeah?


1 and 2: Necklaces from VeryJane. Have you ever heard of this site? It's one of those "daily deals" things, like Groupon, only for clothes and accessories. Anyway, I saw these necklaces for $15 each, I snapped up two colors. With tax and shipping, they came to $33.48.
3: Heels from Target. Ever since my only pair of nude heels got stolen along with my purse/computer bag in June, I've been on the hunt for a replacement. These were on clearance online. $15.19 |similar|
4: Cropped pants with belt from Target. I saw these on the rack and didn't even hesitate. And that belt! So. Cute. $22.99 |exact|
5: Rose gold necklace from TiffanyAvenueBridal on Etsy. I need more rose gold in my closet. 'Nuff said. $19.50 |exact|

So grand total: $91.16 out of a $100 budget. Good job, me. At least I can stay in range on something...


  1. Re-classifying Aug. 31st as September is the kind of mind that could be a high-priced lawyer...

  2. You should look into It's the same sort of Groupon daily deal, but with clothes. I haven't ordered anything, but I'm tempted!

  3. Haha, I'm hitting Labor Day sales on Sept 1 and told myself the same thing. ;-) Great finds, I love Very Jane too!

  4. Nice job! I love those Very Jane necklaces!

  5. Nice job on the budget! I've been on an accessories kick recently too!


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