Friday, August 30, 2013

Pinterest problems

Ok fellow bloggy buddies, I have an issue that I seriously can't figure out and I'm hoping you can help me with. When I pin my blog images (yes, I know how narcissistic it is, but oh well because promotion right?), they always look awful. They're 500 pixels along the longer length when I post them, but on Pinterest they always end up smaller and with weird boarders and way lower resolution. Example. Can anyone explain this?? Do I just need to post bigger photos?

I'm seriously frustrated because whenever I pin images from other bloggers who use sweet DSLR cameras, like this or this or this or this or this, they pin beautifully. Not so mine. And these awesome ladies aren't "professional" bloggers, and their posted pics aren't all that much bigger than mine. What gives? Anyone?


  1. Hmmmmmmm, that's an odd one! I don't know. Is 500 px the width of all your photos? Mine at 575, and they seem to pin okay (thx for using me as an example btw!). Maybe try a sample post with a bigger photo? I've tried to pin things from my instagram page before and they come out all tiny and crappy, so maybe it's just the size?

  2. Is it because you're uploading them via flickr?
    I dunno if that changes anything
    I know I just upload mine to blogger... ? Weird though, cause the width of my photos is 660 always. Hmm..


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