Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An ode to coffee and bucking the trends




shirt: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
slacks: Express via DFW
shoes: Target
necklace: VeryJane
bracelet: Etsy

So I'm sure you all know the old adage about not wearing white after Labor Day. Well, I snagged these pants at the Discount Fashion Warehouse during a Labor Day shopping extravaganza with my friend, and just couldn't pack them away for a whole winter without wearing them. So I wore them the day after Labor Day. Yeah, I'm kind of a fashion badass. They're still hanging in my closet...I may decide to wear them one last time. They're lined so they're actually quite warm for summery-style clothes.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank the universe for coffee. Matt and I recently got a larger coffee maker (our last one only held four cups) and to celebrate we made more than usual. So this morning, I get two cups: One as I sit here at home typing this and one for the road. Can I get a hallelujah amen? A hell yes would suffice, too. I need it this morning. I went to my first modern dance class all summer (my favorite instructor was in Maine on a fellowship) and it — she — really kicked my ass. Pretty much literally. My thighs and back are so sore, but at least I slept like a rock...maybe even a little too hard. Hence the grogginess this a.m.


  1. A new backdrop! And a super-cute outfit. I love how chic it is. You look like an editor of a fashion mag.

    Coffee is so good it should be illegal. I'm grateful to live in an age when both coffee and motorcycling are still allowed.


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