Thursday, September 19, 2013

Notice anything?




blazer, blouse: Discount Fashion Warehouse
jeans: thrifted
flats: Target

So it only just occurred to me that I'm basically wearing this exact outfit again today, just with a different blazer. Weirdly enough, it looks different enough that I don't think anyone will call me out. We'll see, I guess?

But the "notice anything" in the title doesn't actually apply to that. (Well, how could it since you can't actually see what I'm wearing this second? Anyway.) It refers to my photos, which received a little extra editing attention today. Jess from Here & Now recently did a post on sharpening your photos before posting. I didn't do any of the metering tips, because these photos are from like two weeks ago, but I did use her Photoshop tips! I took them a step further and turned them into actions for more convenience. In retrospect, I think I went a little overboard on a few of these (I was excited, ok?) but overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. (Except for that backwards pose. It's awkward as hell but I wanted to show off that lace!)

And then I got lost in the link-dumps that Jess linked to (specifically this and this), and I got really inspired to try shooting in manual. I kind of derped around with the camera yesterday evening, but only took photos of my living room, my feet, the cat...I didn't use it for outfit shots yet because I was in my PJs by 6 pm yesterday. Don't judge. But shooting in manual is WAY easier than I thought it'd be, thanks to my having a little more experience with the camera itself and some great tutorials I dug up. I got pretty excited, though, and started babbling to Matt about how cool my camera is. Again. He has the patience of a saint and I'm pretty damn lucky for that :)

So. Would anyone out there be interested in some tips I picked up while playing with my manual settings? Or creating Photoshop actions? Or...I dunno, anything else I talked about today? Holla at ya girl :)

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  1. That top is super fabulous! Such a great colour on you! The photos look great! So glad you are shooting on manual, good on you! I suppose I should think about making some of my own actions since I do prettttty much the same thing to all my photos when I'm editing them haha. You should make a tutorial on it!


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