Thursday, September 5, 2013




shirt: thrifted
skirt, belt: H&M
flats: Target
necklace: VeryJane

Okay, so let's pretend that this outfit isn't basically the exact same thing as this outfit. I mean, the difference in shoes, accessories and hair make it a new outfit, right? Well, I'm going to say yes because I am dying of allergies or a cold (seriously, how do you tell the difference?) and this is the next batch of photos in my queue.

I really don't have much else to say this morning, y'all. Sorry bout that. But when you spend the night half-propped on pillows, mouth-breathing until your throat is raw...let's just say it's not really conducive to an articulate morning.


  1. My belief is that every outfit we put on is different from our earlier ones even if we're wearing the same clothes. Because life isn't static -- things change all the time. Our posture differs, our makeup does or does not come out right, our mood varies, clothes stretch after being worn several times, etc.

    Plus, our outlook changes. Some days we're sunny, others gloomy.

    I enjoy watching bloggers show off their outfits frequently because we see them in their real lives, not just at the once a year fancy occasion. Seeing how you present yourself daily has informed me about your life and I learn from that. Thanks for opening the window.

  2. girl THAT. OUTFIT. Love it!!! Psssht wearing the same thing over and over again is the name of the game~!

  3. Such a cute outfit!! I love the leopard print belt touch as well!


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