Thursday, March 15, 2012


Blech. I hate those mornings where I wake up and just feel like I have nothing to wear...even though my closet is practically bursting at the seams, thanks to a few recent thrift outings. Maybe it's because the weather is so gloomy and gray, and it's getting me down because we had such beautiful weather earlier in the week. Who knows.

Anyway. I feel like this outfit is kind of channeling the 50s (again), but only just a bit. Something about this skirt just tends to feel retro to me, I suppose.



chambray shirt: thrifted
skirt, pearls: H&M
shoes: Buckle

Also, this is technically my first true chambray shirt! I have a few others (in white and green) that are definitely too casual to be called Oxfords, but aren't true chambray because of their general style and material. So I'm kind of excited to start styling this shirt differently. (Now all I really need is a gingham button-up and I'll be a real style-blogger conformist, haha.)


  1. Oh, what a lovely shape to that skirt. I love flared skirts: they're so deliciously feminine. You made the right choice pairing it with flats.

    I hope your mood perks up. Today is an opportunity for joy!

  2. you look GREAT! That outfit is fabu-lous! Love the skirt and shoes combo, just wonderful

  3. You look awesome! I love the vintage vibe of this outfit - I wouldn't say you're lacking inspiration at all :)

  4. gorgeous, 50's vibe looks fab on you!! xx

  5. You look really pretty in this outfit! Loving that skirt and those cute red shoes :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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