Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday inspiration: Say yes

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So I saw this quote recently (maybe it was in Bossypants? which btw is awesome and you should definitely read it) and at first I kind of dismissed it. And then as I was sitting around this week, thinking about how much I really don't want to complete yet another freelance assignment that I blithely took on in lazier times (aka two weeks ago), and it occurred to me. This quote is my life. This is how I've unwittingly lived for the past 25 years. And sure, it creates stress sometimes. Maybe a lot of times. But you know something?

I wouldn't change for anything.

I've had some pretty awesome opportunities so far (one of which I'm still kind of keeping mum — nothing's published yet but believe me you'll know when it is) and some pretty awesome life experiences to boot. I don't always succeed in living up to it, though. Sometimes I give up. Sometimes I say no, I can't, it's too hard. That's okay too, I guess. I see it as room for improvement :)

Uh...I don't get introspective very often. Now I feel awkward. I'm just gonna go ahead and schedule this post and close the window now...

(And go finish writing this assignment because it's Thursday night as I'm typing this and I have a Friday deadline. Shh.)


  1. We need to strive. It's how we grow.

    I enjoyed Bossypants and gave it to a friend who disappointed me by telling me she didn't like it. She didn't have to say that. It was a gift. If you don't like a gift, you remain silent; you don't make the giver feel bad.

    Oh, back on topic... I've overcome my (serious) inhibitions and accepted work far beyond my capabilities. Surprisingly, I always get it done and do it well. That's why this year I'm doing over a dozen trials (whereas in the past I did only one or two a year) and, correspondingly, money is pouring in like crazy. I'm seriously looking into how to establish off-shore bank accounts. And shopping for a fire-proof safe to stuff cash in. The problems we have when we reach our goals...

  2. I don't say yes enough, it scares me more than anything. It's something I need to work on. Thanks for sharing :)


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