Friday, September 27, 2013

Lady in a blue dress




dress: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
sandals: Target
necklace: The Limited

So yesterdayI got these photos and another set all ready to post today and (gasp!) tomorrow. And then I realized that today is the last Friday in the month, which means a Fiscal Fridays post about my clothes budget for the month. That'll be up later today, for any of you who enjoy such things :) Spoiler alert: It ain't pretty. But until then, here's an outfit

I've had "cute shirtdress" on my list of closet essentials for quite some time. So imagine my excitement when I came across this during my big shopping spree over Labor Day weekend!

I realized after taking all these photos that this dress is hanging weird in most of them, so please use your imagination and pretend that I don't look like Lumpy Space Princess in a blue dress. (Ten points to whoever guesses that reference! Love that show.)

Feeling more scatterbrained than usual this morning...oh well. Be back later today with my embarrassing September clothes budget reveal ;)


  1. ALLEYWAY SHOTS!!! Where's your wine girl!?!?
    Seriously though you don't look like LSP at all, that's a cute dress!

  2. The sunlight in all of these is heavenly. That, with the composition of the tree-backdrop, makes you appear to have an aura in the second picture. Which matches the radiance given off by your smile.


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