Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This morning I woke up, started editing some outfit photos, and mentally began preparing a post. Then I renamed my file photos the way I always do — with the date and letters. And then I realized what today is.

Some of you may have been in New York or D.C. when, as they say, the shit hit the fan. My aunt was. But whether you watched the events of 12 years ago unfold on a TV screen in your classroom, as I did, or with your own two eyes from the window of your office building, as so many others did, one thing is certain. We must never forget. Yes, with time all wounds are lessened, if they can't be healed. But as the years march on, we must make a conscious effort to honor the memories of those who lost their lives. By not forgetting. I'm not saying you have to obsess, or make an enormous deal out of today. But take a moment to reflect. And to be thankful for all we have.


That's all I have for today. Opening it up now as an open thread for anyone who has something to share today.

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  1. Laudable post. I was at work on Long Island that morning (about 30 miles away). My wife Robin was attempting to drive into NYC for her first day at a new job. She was stopped from entering the city by a police officer who said she'd have to turn around and go home. She didn't know why. He told her, "Listen to the radio, lady!"


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