Tuesday, September 10, 2013





dress: thrifted
blazer: secondhand
heels: Target
belt: came with capris from Target
bracelet: Etsy

So I started writing this post last night and completely forgot to finish it. D'oh!

In my book, the perfect weekend means I have enough time for stuff I wanna do and stuff I wanna get done. As far as I'm concerned, this weekend was a textbook example of just that.

Friday nights are usually reserved for a few glasses of wine and some episodes of whatever Matt and I are currently plowing through (we're on Dexter season 2 right now). But this past Friday, my friend was helping out at a fundraiser for her friend, who was recently re-admitted to the hospital because he has cancer. So I was more than happy to be able to help her with that. We raised a great amount for the cause, and I'm pretty sure I even won a silent auction bid on a gift certificate to my favorite local tattoo shop! Fingers are crossed, as I'm still waiting for confirmation on that :)

Saturday Matt and I had a much-needed sleep-in/lay-in-bed-half-the-morning-for-no-reason sesh, and it was freaking glorious. Then I headed down to meet a friend for a little pre-game drink (Go Bucks!) before running off to another fundraiser — this time for a climbing co-op that some of Matt's friends are trying to get going. So after grabbing an awesome burger at Columbus' Audubon park, we did a little climbing ourselves...for like three hours. It. Was. Epic. I'm so out of practice, but I still managed to surprise myself by tackling a final route that I thought would be beyond my ability. By the time we got home and ate dinner, it was nearly nine...just enough time to shower and head over to our friend Chasity's house (aka our old house) to help her celebrate her birthday.

After sleeping in a little on Sunday again (OMG TWO DAYS IN A ROW WTF), I turned into a whirlwind. Laundry, sweeping/mopping, more laundry, hanging curtains, running errands, hanging art...all while Matt rewired my closet so I could stop stretching an extension cord from the bathroom. Yeah, we're pretty awesome lessors, we know. Or at least, Matt is. Because he can do electrical stuff. Me, I just punch a billion nail holes in the walls and hang shelves everywhere.

I know this is a long post already, but can we just talk about this outfit for like a second? As I was wearing it, I was struck by another of those "blogging really has helped me develop a sense of style!" moments. I've always loved blazers and dresses, but the little pop of neon is so far beyond anything I would have worn a few years ago. It just wouldn't even have occurred to me. Ditto the faux snake-print heels, and probably the rose gold spike bracelet too. And old me probably would have wanted to throw a necklace on with this too, instead of realizing that the belt and blazer add enough detail on their own. Thanks, blogging world, for introducing me to trends and styles I probably never would have worn otherwise!


  1. Glad to see how blogging has widened your wardrobe. These little touches add just the right amount of pizzazz.

    BTW, how do you spell "pizzazz"?? I spell it this way but see others use only 3 z's. Life is confusing. :)

    Incidentally, and entirely off-topic, two more observations... First, is that bracelet a secret self-defense weapon? It certainly looks like it could be used as one. And second, your facial expressions are endlessly entertaining. I could watch them all day long. Maybe you could start a YouTube channel so we can watch you smile and grimace and flirt and scowl and purse your lips...

  2. That sounds like an AWESOME weekend! So productive!! Sleep-ins are the best! Look at you being a girl about town!


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