Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some random thoughts (what else is new?)



shirt: New York & Company
shrug thing, slacks: thrifted
flats: Target
necklace: Old Navy

Shoutout to Sydney and Kelly for their feedback on my weird Pinterest photo issue. It looks like making my photos bigger was the answer after all. That meant I had to change the width of my columns, though...so could you all just take a second to click over from your reader and make sure this shiz still looks good on your browser? I tested it on a 13" Macbook screen and it seemed okay, but I dunno, maybe there are some netbook users out there?

This week is what I affectionately call my "hell week" at work — I help put out this newsletter that's always more hectic than I expect it to be. This month's has gone pretty smoothly so far, thanks to an early start from the rest of the team, so I'm cautiously hopeful for a not-so-stressful week. We shall see :)

So I wasn't going to blog this outfit at all — it was just one of those throw-it-on-and-run-out-the-door days — but I got a couple compliments on it, so I shot it after work. The photos turned out a tad blurry (I'm seriously done with manual focus for selfies) but other than that, I guess this wasn't too bad of an ensemble.


  1. If you look good when you aren't trying, you're doing alright. :)

  2. Ahh I'm glad you figured it out. I'm on a 13" mac and I do have to scroll across to see your entire page, but maybe I'm on a worse resolution.
    I do love this outfit - perfect office comfy!

    1. Ah, I have the 13" with Retina display, so my resolution might be higher. That would explain why it fits on my screen but not yours, right? Maybe I'll do a little more playing around... What a pain :)

      And thanks! That's totally the mentality I had when I got dressed that morning, haha.


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