Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!



chambray-type shirt: Banana Republic
ruffled shirt: thrifted
cropped pants: New York & Company
heels: Target
necklace: Etsy

If the purpose of Labor Day is to not do labor, then I haven't been celebrating in full force. After I met my friends for brunch at Katalina's (Columbusites, you have to try their Nutella-filled pancake balls. You have to), I headed home and hung seven shades and four windows' worth of curtains. I would have hung six windows' worth, but I'm an idiot who can't math and therefore didn't get a long enough curtain rod. Womp womp. Oh well, a new one is en route, and I can still use the too-short one. Minor success?

Now I'm sitting at Panera getting a quick late lunch/dinner number one after running a few errands...then it's off to the grocery store, then Goodwill to drop off some things, then home to do some cleaning. Oh vey. Can I get a vacation from my day off?

If you had today off did you spend it? Hopefully doing more fun stuff than I did, haha!


  1. Wow you've been busy! I took a trip for the weekend and it was great and relaxing :)

  2. GIRL you are working it, go labour day go!
    cute shoes!

  3. Love your outfit. The heels match the pants so well and the color of the shirt is arresting. Glad you had a productive day. I went into work for a few hours, saw a great movie ("Take This Waltz" with Michelle Williams), took a long walk and just chilled.


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