Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keep it going



t-shirt: Old Navy
button-down: New York & Company
slacks: thrifted
flats: Target
necklace: Stella & Dot giveaway win
bracelet: H&M

Let's talk about this outfit for a sec. I don't know why, but I kind of love it. It's so simple and classic, but with fun accents that keep it from being boring. I won the necklace in a giveaway hosted by Jess over at Here & Now. I never win giveaways, so it was pretty exciting! I love how she styled it with a bold shirt, but for my first time I wanted to keep it fairly simple and let the necklace speak for itself.

When I was putting this outfit together, my mind flashed to Fran's post about how to wear a button-down under another shirt without all the bunching and weirdness. At the time, my sleepy brain thought, "Nah, you're good girl. No need to take off that tee, find a cami, put it on, then put the tee back on. Let's goooo!" But looking at these photos, I'm thinking I should have done it. Note to self: Morning brain is kinda cray.

Like this morning, when I woke up and for some inexplicable reason, was overcome by energy and the intense desire to clean everything in my house. Well, I guess only the energy was inexplicable. The cleaning bug probably was because the house is a *tad* overdue. So I tidied my closet and wiped down the kitchen counters and stove instead of writing a post this morning. Cause I can write a post on my lunch break, but I sure can't clean my kitchen, amiright?

I'm just hoping I can keep that energy/desire to clean this evening. It's my off night at the gym and I don't have any immediate deadlines to work toward, so instead of vegging out on the couch for an Adventure Time marathon, I want to try to catch up on house stuff. Including a couple projects for Phase 2 of house decorating :) It might be a coffee-in-the-afternoon type of day...I also find that music is a great motivator for me. So I'm trying to think up a good "getting shiz done" playlist for this evening. Any suggestions?


  1. You really do look great in these clothes. They look terrific without calling attention to themselves.

    And that smile! The last photo could serve as your resume for getting into The Nice People Hall of Fame.

    For music, I'd recommend (1) the BeeGees (especially from "Saturday Night Fever"); (2) the Allman Brothers; (3) Lady Sovereign; and (4) the soundtrack to "Hedwig And The Angry Inch." Have you seen the last one? It was a play, then a movie. Worth checking out. Flawed but with great stuff in it.

  2. Love the outfit! It's classic but the pop in that necklace is awesome, and of course, I love leopard print shoes. Enjoy cleaning, I don't get the "cleaning bug" very often.. Darn. lol

  3. Yes a very classic but lovely outfit, I like the tee over the shirt look, will have to try that myself.

    As for music to get things done to, I'd recommend anything rocky and noisy - some loud Bon Jovi or Queen perhaps?


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