Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Long weekend FTW!



blazer and slacks: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
blouse: The Limited via DFW
heels: Target

Sorry for my absence yesterday; I had the day off for Columbus Day and used it to the fullest extent. My whole weekend was kind of jam-packed, in fact, but in the best way possible.

Friday night was date night. Matt and I went out to dinner and saw Gravity. Fantastic visuals and audio effects, great soundtrack, lousy script. Seriously, I think I could have written better dialogue. See it in 3D if you go; the effects are absolutely worth it. We had a Groupon, so both tickets, two bags of popcorn and two drinks only cost $21. Not bad for a 3D flick in Columbus.

Saturday we slept in a little, then I went down to Athens for Ohio University's Homecoming. Matt isn't a huge fan of crowds, so he opted to go camping instead. I crashed in my sister's dorm room (she's a freshman) and had a blast catching up with some friends while she was at work. Then I introduced my sis to Anchorman, because (BLASPHEMY!) she'd never seen it. Sunday we hung out some more, saw some folks, enjoyed campus, then I came home and tried to recover ;) ...Hey, it's OU. Always requires some recovery time.

But yesterday I was a whirlwind! I slept in till 8 or so, then started tackling my to-do list. I finally did something about all my purses living on my closet floor, hung a bunch of art in our living rooms, did four loads of laundry, did the dishes, got groceries, and attempted a delicious dinner. (I only say "attempted" because my slow-cooker and I have some issues we need to work out. It's getting to be a problem...) I also worked on a few freelance projects. By the time Matt got home from work, my to-do list was done and I was free to chill with him. Pretty awesome, I say.

So on a completely unrelated note, I'm about to switch over my closet from warm weather clothes to cold weather clothes. I'm thinking these white pants are done for the season. It's a shame, because they're lined and would probably be pretty warm for winter. Any idea how to style these for cold months?


  1. oh my god! We watched Anchorman this weekend too because my mom's girlfriend has never seen it!! WHAT IS THIS?!?! That sounds like a great weekend!! Blerg I'm sorry you're having slow cooker problems!! We love ours, is it your unit or just slow cookers as a whole that you're not about? I can help with these things!!! Haha

  2. The outfit is cute and the pants are special. I'd vote for keeping them into Winter if they're warm enough. White is easy to add to any ensemble.

    It's fun reading about your weekend. One of the biggest joys I get from reading blogs is peering through the window they open into people's lives. I find your lifestyle choice entertaining to ponder.

  3. I agree with Shybiker on all of that. If they are warm enough black jackets and even an animal print, zebra, leopard would look great. Agree with recovery time and good for you on kicking out your to do list!


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