Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photo woes


shirtdress: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
tights: Groupon deal
boots: Target

Only two shots today because the rest turned out unexpectedly out of focus or I just looked kinda dumb. Having a rosebush in the background is nice, but it definitely makes it harder to get a good lock on the field of focus. Actually, I'm not even a huge fan of this outfit either, but it's the only one left in my queue and I didn't post yesterday, so... I guess they can't all be winners, huh?

I think I would have liked this outfit better if the tights had been the right color. They're supposed to be gray, but they're such a dark slate gray that they're nearly black. I have a pair of lighter gray tights, but I'm not good at making decisions in the mornings. I'm too busy trying to wake up. In fact, most of the outfits you see posted here are the result of pre-planning the night before. (I even have a note in my phone with possible outfit ideas.) Once in a while I'll surprise myself in the mornings, but usually if I don't plan an outfit in advance I end up wearing slacks and a plain blouse or nice t-shirt. This outfit was pre-planned, but I just couldn't get it together enough to decide to change my tights, haha.

How do you plan your outfits? Do you like to throw things together the morning of, or do you brainstorm ideas the night (or days) before?


  1. It's funny -- I knew the outfit was slightly off but I couldn't figure out why -- and then you identified the problem perfectly. Lighter tights would make it work.

    I admit to the same laziness when getting ready for work and realizing something isn't right. Rather than take the time to fix it, I just throw up my hands and say "whatever...".

  2. I always choose my outfit the night before, otherwise I waste precious time in the AM standing in front of my closet thinking... and thinking...
    Sometimes I even plan a couple days in advance if I'm really on the ball. Like today I have Monday & Tuesday's outfit planned. But that's not very common.


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