Friday, November 1, 2013

Fiscal Fridays: Tackling two topics

Ok, since both of these are pretty short and sweet, I'm combining them into one post. Which will probably still be short. Because weekend, or something.

So first up is my no-eating-out-accountability update for the end of October (25th through the 31st). I did grab some fast food here and there, but I used a Visa gift card that I had originally earmarked for something else and then changed my mind, so no money out of my pocket. There is one mysterious transaction I can't account for, from the 29th. Apparently I bought breakfast or a snack or something from the cafeteria for $3.80. Kind of freaked out that I don't even remember doing it. But other than that, I managed to overcome temptations or use gift cards or just snack on brought-from-home items. And I packed lunch! Every day! Except the one that I bought lunch with the Visa gift card! So in all, last week was my most successful week of the month. And now it's November, so excuse me while I go inhale some sushi from Maki Go next door, which I have been craving literally all month.

Mmmm, sushi. *wipes away drool* Now then, on to the next topic. The other "ban" I put myself on was clothing items. Because in September, I blew all of my September AND October clothes budgets on a trip to Discount Fashion Warehouse. I got a great haul, but it took a lot of self-restraint to not buy anything in October. I may have gone through shopping withdrawal. I even managed to keep my Halloween costume pretty cheap, buying close-but-not-quite items that were better deals than the real things. I did need a pair of khakis for the costume, but I was able to score this pair from Old Navy for way cheap, thanks to a $10 off coupon my friend gave me and the remainder of that aforementioned Visa gift card. So, you know, I didn't actually spend MY money on them at all! Great success!

Er...that's really all I got. Have a great weekend, everyone! I think I'll go do some clothes shopping, now that my budget has been restored ;)

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