Thursday, November 14, 2013

MAJOR giveaway alert: Spa day at Everything But Hair

Okay, so if you follow my Twitter machine, you might have seen a couple tweets about a blog-post-for-service kind of exchange. And I promise, I’m not gonna be one of those lameo bloggers who completely sells out and just schleps her posts for swag. I’ve always maintained that the only sponsored posts you’ll ever see here will feature products and companies that I really love and stand behind, and this post is no exception. So read on…especially if you wanna win free spa services because that is totes about to happen, yo.

Like I said, I got a freebie Shellac manicure from this incredible salon here in Columbus. It’s called Everything But Hair and, as the name implies, they do just about everything but haircuts and styles. If you were a client at Erika Taylor Urban Spa, the atmosphere might seem familiar; Erika closed up shop to open this little haven in German Village. (She worked at a number of top Columbus salons before starting her own gig—think Charles Penzone, Salon Lofts and Jacob Neal.)

11-14-13 entrance
The salon is located in a former residence-turned-spa. So the whole ambiance is very homey, which I love. You feel like you could just kick off your shoes and hang out! And, can.

11-14-13 nail area
Fresh flowers, decadent products and massage chairs on the pedi station equal ultimate comfort.

And when she says they do everything but hair, she really means it. In addition to the standard manis, pedis, waxing, facials and massages you’d expect at a salon/spa, you can also get permanent makeup (including eyelash extensions—sign me up, please!), Reiki, and even a personal psychic consultation. I haven’t had my cards read yet, but I’m curious to try it out—supposedly the woman, Susan Rawlings, is phenomenal. The local upscale hotels recommend Erika’s former and current salon to guests, and as a result, some pretty big names have benefitted from her salons’ services. Who, you ask? Oh, no one special…only Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, America Ferrera and Margot Kidder, to name a few. (Most of her male clientele prefer not to be named, to save face—after all, who could take a famous rapper seriously if they found out he got pedicures?)

11-14-13 psychic area
The psychic consultation area is designed to feel both comfortable and luxe.

Anyway, enough name-dropping. Let’s get down to the serious stuff, like why you’d wanna go there. Um, how about cause it’s awesome? Leona did my mani and oh girl, it was pretty awesome. She sent me home with a little bottle of oil for my ravaged cuticles. What a sweetheart. I also got little hand/arm massage and a mini Reiki sesh from the very talented and charismatic Starr Dillon. So much love. Oh oh oh, and I almost forgot the best part. This is a booze-friendly salon, y’all. That’s right. Just sign up for an annual membership (or a one-day membership for just $3) and you can BYOB your choice of libation. Bring a six-pack or bottle of wine, or write your name on a bottle of your fave liquor and leave it there; membership comes with other perks, so it’s definitely something worth considering.

11-14-13 details
It's all about the details. Booze and gummy bears? Gorgeous chandeliers, stained glass and local art? 
Yes, please.

So here’s where the post gets really fun for anyone in the Columbus area. (Sorry everyone else. Come visit?) Between now and December 31, you can get 10% off any service at Everything But Hair if you just mention Verbal Mélange, or say that Emma sent you. (Cue announcer voice.) But that’s not all!!

Erika also has oh-so-generously agreed to give away an amazing spa package to one lucky Verbal Mélange reader! It’s the “Everything Package,” which consists of a “Pampered” manicure and pedicure (that’s the whole shebang; see details here), plus a “Blissfully Beautiful” facial and brow shaping. That is a $228 value, you guys. I KNOW, RIGHT? Easily the biggest giveaway I’ve been lucky enough to share here. Again, this is technically open to anyone, but you have to use the package here in Columbus before February 28, 2014. And gents, don’t be deterred; you can gift the package to someone else! I know a lot of girlfriends and wives who would be pretty psyched to find a spa day gift certificate in their stockings.

Giveaway is open until midnight on November 24. Winner will be announced and contacted via email within 24 hours. And folks, I do check to see whether you actually did the things you said you did to enter. So please don’t cheat. I’ll kick your butt to the curb! So what are you waiting for? Get to entering below.

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  1. Looks like I need to move! What an awesome spa! I have never been to a spa before, and I am now wondering if there are any in the Detroit area. I doubt that they will be as spiffy as this, but now you've got me wondering! :)

    1. Oooh, I'm sure there are some great ones in your area! For my birthday this year, my boyfriend sent me to the spa for a head-to-toe was sheer heaven! Nothing like being pampered :)


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