Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wild wedding weekend



sweater: thrifted
t-shirt: The Limited
skinnies: Forever 21
boots: Target

Er. Mah. Gerd you guys. This weekend was so ridiculously crazy and wonderful. Matt and I went to Pittsburgh for my friend Hayley's wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid. In a true break of my usual character, I put my phone down and actually took in every moment instead of snapping pics constantly. (Except for the rehearsal dinner and the morning of, because there was no professional photographer, so Hayley asked me to step in.) But for the most part, I wasn't really snapping away. I'll try to dig up some pics from Facebook and scan in the photobooth shots to share, though. All in all, it was crazy-fun. Congrats, Hayley and Ernie :)

I wound up with a four-day weekend, since I had to be there early on Friday (Matt met me in town on Saturday) and yesterday was Veterans Day. So in between the crazy partying Saturday, the doing-nothing-and-recovering Sunday and the chore-filled Monday, this weekend was pretty jam-packed.

I always feel like it's rough going back to work after a long weekend, but this morning has been a particular struggle thanks to the first real snowfall of the season. It's only two inches, but it's slowly crushing my spirit. So here's an outfit from slightly warmer, significantly less snowy days. I'm almost certain it's a near- (or exact) repeat of an outfit from last year, but eh. Who's keeping track, right? (Also, I've only just noticed that my necklace was inside my sweater for every single shot that day. Wompwomp.)

Did you guys have exciting weekends?


  1. Glad you had fun during your long, wild weekend.

    I love your deliciously feminine poses in these photos. I wish I could mimic them but I'm sated just by enjoying yours vicariously.

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend! great pics!

  3. Wow busy girl! I am glad that you had fun though. I love the layers in this look! Can't go wrong with boots and a good sweater in the fall! You look lovely!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Can I just say again, and I know I've said it before, but you TOTALLY rock the pixie cut.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I love love love that sweater! :3

  6. That sounds like an awesome weekend! Love that outfit, the boots and the sweater: yes!


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