Friday, December 27, 2013

Fiscal Fridays: December clothes budget

Hooray for another month of staying within my budget! I'm actually about one-third under-budget this month, which is good because Christmas is freaking expensive, what with all the travel and gift-giving. I tend to get a little carried away with the latter; I almost always overspend on others. What can I say? I like to give awesome gifts, haha.

Anyway, this month I went back to Discount Fashion Warehouse, which makes my under-budget-ness even more of a shocker (for more on that, see my last post on the store). So even though the descriptors below say Express or The Limited, they're all VIA DFWh. Just an FYI :)

12-27-13 Dec budget

1. Express necklace. Chevron for the win! $7
2. Express Portfino shirt. I've been wanting to bump up the number of sheer blouses in my closet, and what better time to buy them than off-season? And with polka-dot-esque stars to boot? Yes, please. $9
3. The Limited sweater. I usually don't like high-low styles, but they're cute when they're subtle. Also, two words: Elbow. Patches. $12
4. The Limited 678 skinny jeans. Because who doesn't need a pair of mustard skinnies? $10
5. The Limited blouse. Thus fulfilling my absolute need for a blouse that's open in the back. Bonus: The buttons let me control how open, so it's both work- and bar-appropriate. $9
6. Express cardigan. Nude and white striped cardis are pretty much a staple, right? That's what I thought. $12
7. The Limited blouse. If this looks familiar, it's because I bought it back in September on my first trip to DFWh. Then I stained it. Luckily, I found another on this trip! $9

So there it is! How did you do on your budget this month? (And don't forget to link up with me to Franziska's Budgeting Bloggers! She should be posting the linkup soon.)


  1. Congrats on the frugality. It's nice feeling you achieved a goal and avoided the guilt that comes with profligacy.

  2. Love that elbow patch sweater! And yay for staying in your budget! I was so happy to end 2013 on a good budgeting note too!

  3. Great finds! I find myself buying less for myself and more for others in December too!

  4. Serious props for staying so far under budget. I wasn't so lucky...

  5. 1/3 under budget?! high five girl! I love love love the elbow patches on that sweater - super cute! I wish we had one of those warehouses near me, it sounds awesome.

  6. Okay, that sweater with the elbow patches is to DIE for! I love, love, LOVE elbow patches, and I'm super into maroon and black these days! :)


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