Monday, December 23, 2013

It's that time of year...



shirt: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
necklace: Express via DFWh
slacks: thrifted
cami, shoes: Target

...when I have entirely too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Yay! Between my regular freelance work, a new side gig I picked up doing some marketing for Everything But Hair (the salon I did a giveaway for last month) and of course Christmas shopping and trying to narrow down venue options for the wedding, I have been one busy gal. In fact, I had to deliberately force myself to take a couple of hours yesterday to just hang out with Matt and not actually do anything. It was really nice.

I'm hoping to use this week to catch up. I planned ahead and used vacation time so that today's the only day I actually go to work. Then it's driving all across Ohio the next two days (though we blessedly get to sleep in our own bed each night, hooray!) to visit families. Thursday and Friday (and I guess Saturday and Sunday) are my big get-things-done days. Writing, fixing a few blog things, taking the cat to the vet for her shots, fiiiiiinally cleaning the's going to be glorious. I might even get my Christmas thank-you cards sent out before New Year's this year! (What?!)

In other news, can I say how much I'm digging this shirt? I got it on a recent trip to Discount Fashion Warehouse, during which I managed to stay UNDER my clothes budget for the month (instead of blowing double the amount like last time). Anyway, I've been searching for a cute open-back blouse for a while. Three cheers for finding one at a crazy discount!

So anyway, are you traveling for the holidays this year? Or are you one of those lucky ducks who will stay at home and enjoy a nice, quiet holiday?

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  1. Gorgeous shirt; you look terrific. Glad you'll have time to catch up on things. Merry Christmas!


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