Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drugs are sometimes good.




sweater, skinnies: H&M
booties: Walmart
necklace: InPink

Apparently I spoke too soon last Wednesday when I said I was getting "over the hump" of this cold. Because as I found out at the doctor's this weekend, it's not a cold. It's bronchitis. Whee!

I'm no stranger to bronchitis; I got it a lot in college when I lived in the dorms. And given the timing of this onset, I'm suspecting I may have picked it up on the plane coming back from my visit to Emily's. Oh, well. The important thing is that the doctor gave me lots of awesome drugs and now I can take a breath and even laugh without going into a coughing fit. Yay, drugs!

Kids, don't do drugs.

Unless your doctor tells you to.

Anyway, I took yesterday off to let the meds do their magic, and I'm heading back to work again this morning. I did nothing but sleep, drag my butt to said doctor's visit (and to a haircut appointment that I'd already rescheduled twice) and watch a ton of Girls this weekend. (Which, by the way, WHY am I just now starting this show??) So I'm kind of glad to be getting out of the house. Even if it's for work ;)


  1. I started coughing this morning. I think you gave me your illness. I need to stop touching your clothes when I visit your blog... :-)

    Glad you finally found "Girls"; I've seen every episode. It has a sad truth to it.

  2. LOL. Yes, don't do drugs, unless a medical health care professional tells you to do so (midwives have prescription privileges...weeeeee)
    Girls is AWESOME. So glad you are getting into it!
    (I have a lot of uppercase feelings about this post)

    1. Uppercase feelings are the best feelings. Unless it's rage-uppercase, in which case, nevermind. Every time I shoot outfit pics, I realize that I'm subconsciously displaying my left hand in a prominent way...it's been just under two months, I feel like I still have the right to be giddy about it, haha.

  3. Lovin those olive jeans! Hello from a fellow Columbus blogger :)


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