Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm waking up

Ah, spring. It's on our doorsteps. I can feel it. Although the temperature rise is almost imperceptible -- it's a two-steps-forward-one-step-back shuffle between 60 degrees and snowing -- it is certainly present. And with that ever so slight rise in temperature, I can feel my blood begin to circulate through my veins again, waking me up from the dormancy of winter. I'm ready for patio happy hours and lazy Saturdays by the pool and rock climbing weekend trip adventures and sunsets at 9 pm and just generally feeling like the couch and Netflix are no longer my best friends.

And, although I really do love the sweater-skinnies-boots combo, it's getting kind of stale. I've worn variations of this outfit at least twice a week this winter, if not more, and I'm ready for skirts and dresses again. For sandals. For short sleeves and short shorts and tank tops!




sweater and skinnies: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
boots: gifted (Old Navy)

GAH! Spring, y u no here yet??

Seriously though. Highs for the next week and a half, in order: 53, 37, 42, 53, 58, 47, 38, 57, 60. Who am I kidding? I'm in Ohio. This is spring. Excuse me while I go cry until summer.


  1. I am so over Winter. Yet I can't see Spring from here. They're predicting six inches of snow in New York this weekend.
    Sometimes, like today, I can't focus on your clothes because my attention is drawn instantly to your cuteness. Your funny face, your playful poses... your cuteness overshadows everything else.

  2. We just got a huge dumping of snow and -28 temps Thursday. It's ridiculous how long this is taking. Uh. Love the outfit but I'm with you, I wish we didn't have to wear such winterized styles anymore!

  3. That sweater is so cute! I'm craving spring and summer too. My legs haven't seen sunshine in so, so long, and those temps you listed sound practically balmy at this point.


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