Thursday, March 27, 2014


So I sign in to Flickr this morning to upload the photos I was gonna post for today, and I see this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.23.05 AM

I've put up with the weird and frankly inconvenient formatting changes on the site itself. (What used to take one click to grab the HTML code for each picture now takes four or five. Really?) I managed to avoid the data storage caps. (Though who knows how long I'll be grandfathered in?) And I've put up with intermittent non-Pin-ability for some photos. But this is just annoying the heck out of me. I don't use Yahoo, and that's with good reason. I'm not signing up for a stupid Yahoo account. So congrats Flickr, you're about to lose a customer.

So that said, what photo sharing site do you guys use to host your blog pics? I used to use Imgur, but stopped for some reason a year or two ago. Can't really remember why, to be honest. Space limitations, maybe? Anyway, if you use something else, please let me know!

Ok, rant over. Here's what I really wanted to post about today.




blouse: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
skinnies: Forever 21
boots: Target
necklace: Express via DFWh
bracelet: Etsy

In other news, it looks like I might finally get to start going outside for outfit photos again soon! Can I get a woop woop? I'm sure y'all are bored to tears of these Ikea curtains. I know I am. (Not in a life sense, just in a blog sense.) I hate talking about weather on the blog, as it just seems like lazy writing, but lately it seems like weather is all I can think about. I need window-opening temperatures! I need shorts-friendly evenings! I need fresh air and sundresses! And while I did edit these photos a little on the cool side (d'oh!), the color of my skin is definitely telling me that I need some sun in my life! Le sigh.

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  1. Woop woop. For you, anyway. I wish I could pose outdoors.


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