Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to learn patience. Also, a little storytime.

Step 1. Find a Thing you really, really want.

Step 2. Realize that you have to wait X number of days to have Thing.

Step 3. Resign yourself to the established waiting period. Try to find distractions, or try to forget about Thing in the meantime.

Step 4. Jump for joy when Thing Day arrives!

Step 5. Realize you still can't have Thing.

Step 6. Go back to Step 2. Repeat as necessary.

In my case, Thing is my scooter. I bought it in January and put it in the garage and the back of my mind, where it's waited patiently for The Longest Winter Ever (capital letters necessary) to end. But the friend who sold it to me hasn't actually used the thing in more than a year, so it needs a lot of initial maintenance. So far we've charged the battery, filled her up with gas and fresh motor oil, and sprayed some cleaner into the carburetor. She tries to start, but just won't turn over. Our next step is to change the spark plug, but if that doesn't work, I have to wait until next weekend for my friend's "scooter guy" to get back in town and clean the carb out proper. I get that this is all part of standard maintenance, but I'm not very good with the whole patience thing. Especially when it's gorgeous outside and I'm still relying on public transportation and/or exorbitant parking fees to get to work.

So, distraction time! Short-attention-span-powers, ACTIVATE!




shirt: secondhand
cardi: thrifted
skinnies: H&M
boots: gifted (via Old Navy)

In other news, warmer temps also mean the return of cute clothes! Spring florals, skirts, cute sandals, here I come! I busted out the first of my springwear--a floral shirt-- by mixing it in with some fall/winter attire that's about to go back into storage. (I'm looking at you, boots.)

Storytime: I got this shirt from my friend Hayley. She and her husband moved from an apartment to a house, and like me every time I move, she found a bunch of stuff she didn't want to pack and unpack. Most of it was clothes, so I told her to drop it off at my house and I'd take whatever I didn't want to the thrift store.

She showed up with literally 20 bags of clothes, bedding, appliances, purses and even a dog bed. We do not have a dog.

Needless to say, I donated more than I kept. Fortunately, Volunteers of America was scheduled to do a neighborhood pickup the next week, so it all just sat in my living room until pickup day. Matt wasn't thrilled, but I considered it a price worth paying for otherwise free clothes. Hayley got rid of her stuff, I got new stuff and nobody had to schlepp to Goodwill. Everybody wins! Except Matt. He got nothing. The end.


  1. Ah!!! SO Cool that you have a scooter! I am insanely jealous! I was going for a walk yesterday and saw like, ten Vespas and sighed only slightly wistfully. And yes, obvs it has been the longest winter ever! I feel ya pain! Such a cute outfit, as usually :)

  2. Oh, no! I know how much you were anticipating this. Vehicles (especially carburated ones) need to be ridden regularly. Nothing is worse for them than sitting around. Fluids get sticky and gum up the works. The repair should be simple. Good luck!

  3. Well you look cute in the meantime! I hope that you post pics of the scooter once you get it up and running, I love scooters!


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