Monday, April 14, 2014

I get easily and randomly overwhelmed

So I spent most of my lunch break today pinning various silk flowers from to a hidden Pinterest board (because probably no one following me cares to see a billion variations of the same anemone/peony/dahlia/ranunculus clusters, amiright?) and now I feel completely overwhelmed by flowers. I mean, I know I'd be spending $1,000+ more if I go with a professional florist, especially because our wedding is the same weekend as Mother's Day. But seriously, I know nothing about how to make a floral arrangement look good. And now I'm a teensy bit freaked out at the prospect of figuring it out. Halp.

In other news, I found an older, colder-weather outfit in my queue of outfit photos. Originally this post was supposed to have a "thank god that's behind us" slant, but the forecast for tomorrow includes an inch of snow and I basically am just about ready to give up on the hope of ever seeing a live tulip in my yard again.




sweater, slacks: thrifted
blouse: The Limited via Discount Fashion Warehouse
flats: Target
necklace: Etsy

But, as I promised Sydney on Instagram, I shan't complain. After all, our temp range tomorrow is gonna be a whopping 40/28 Fahrenheit, which is a bit warmer than her 1/-6 Celsius. But (and this is not complaining) seriously. Nature. Wat r u doing? Nature. Stahp.


  1. Ooooh, thank you!! She has a link for DIY boutonnieres and corsages too...those two things are freaking me out even more than bouquets/table arrangements, to the point where I can't even let myself think about them, haha. Much appreciated!!

  2. oh god yesterday was a niiiightmare lol
    It seems to be getting better today but it was really cruel of nature to give us hot (yes, HOT) days and then BOOM TADA snow. Like, no.
    The spring shall come soon! Girl good luck with your wedding flowers. Such knowledge is so outside the realm of me knowing anything about it haha. You will figure it out :)


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