Thursday, April 17, 2014

Writer's block

Sometimes, I sit down to write a blog post and feel like I have literally nothing to say. Maybe it seems like this happens frequently, because I often blather on about nothing in particular around these parts, but most of the time my blathering is semi-planned or constructed. Days like today, though, the blinking cursor just kind of mocks me.

It's times like this that I wonder whether Verbal Mélange has a shelf life, an expiration date. My three-year bloggiversary came and went with little fanfare, and while on one hand it seems like an accomplishment (three years of committing to a thing!), it also kind of seems like a pretty weird thing to celebrate (three years of talking about and posting pictures of myself!). The reason behind the lack of fanfare--because if there's anything I love, it's making a big deal out of things--is that April is triple anniversary month for me, and two of the three (my start date with my current job and more importantly, Matt's and my dating-anniversary) land at the end of the month. So I tend to mentally lump the blog anniversary at the end too, even though it's really in the beginning.

Anyway, where I was going before that tangent about anniversaries: I've been doing a lot of thinking about VM and what it is now vs. what I originally envisioned it to be vs. what it's evolving into. But that's a post for another day, I think.

So much for said "writer's block," I suppose. Funny how that works.

And just to give your eyeballs a little visual stimulation, here's a fairly nondescript representation of what I've been wearing a lot lately: plain tee, cardi, slacks, flats. Warm weather, where art thou?




t-shirt: Old Navy
cardi, flats: Target
slacks: thrifted

Man, girls have it so easy for business casual wear, it isn't even funny. "Business casual" for dudes means ties and Oxfords, but I can wear a t-shirt as long as I dress it up with layers and a statement necklace. I kind of love it. (And to guys who may be tempted to complain about the unfairness of this double standard, I have two phrases for you: "gender pay gap" and "glass ceiling.")


  1. Nice outfit. The thought of you leaving the blogosphere brings me to the brink of crying. Seriously. You're one of my very favorite bloggers. Not just your clothes but your personality and humor.
    Perhaps there's some alternative to stopping, like changing direction or adding new readers. A blogger I know who closed down her blog two years ago just re-started a new one; she says she regretted the decision to end the first one. I know the disadvantages of blogging; sometimes we overlook the hidden advantages -- like making new friends!

  2. You're so sweet! Don't worry, I don't think I'm quite ready to stop blogging yet--I know I at least need this outlet through the wedding, because I'm sure at some point the people I see daily will get sick of hearing about wedding stuff and then I'll need an outlet, haha!

    I'm brainstorming ways to keep things fresh for me, and to keep blogging as something I WANT to do, not something I feel like I HAVE to do :)

  3. Understood. Earlier this year I felt the same way. Our enthusiasm ebbs and flows, so we need to find new ways to enjoy it.

  4. Crap, I think it ate my comment, but you look awesome and I hope that you keep blogging!

  5. Darn comment-eater! I didn't see any other comments from you, so it looks like the Interwebz got it. Thanks for saying so, and I intend to for at least a little while longer :)


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