Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Monday! Here's some word vomit about cameras and clothes and weddings.




dress: thrifted
cardi: Express via Discount Fashion Warehouse
heels: secondhand
necklace: giveaway win
belt: Target

And the parade of not-quite-focused outfit photos continues! Two of these didn't turn out so bad, but I wound up way-overcorrecting on the other two, so they're noisy instead of unfocused. Thankfully, I think (hope!) I've figured out a solution to this annoyance. I still have three outfits in my queue, but two are not quite as bad as they have been and the third was shot by my friend Emily who actually knows how to handle a camera.

In other news, I think this might be the most inexpensive fancy-dress outfit I've worn in a long time. Granted, the thrifted dress is only a basic H&M sheath dress, but those shoes are from my friend Hayley who always buys quality kicks. (They might be Nine West?) The necklace was originally from Nordstrom, and the super-discounted Express sweater just pulls it all together. Talk about getting the look for less, amiright?

In other other news, I had another mini-wedding-freakout today! Hooray! It occurred to me that I have to send out save the dates this month, which means I have to get about a billion addresses and, you know, DIY the dang things with photos Emily shot of Matt and I the other weekend and this magnet DIY tutorial. But before I do all that, Matt and I have to really, truly, actually finalize our guest list. When we first made it, we just kind of threw everyone we know onto the list. Even people we haven't seen/talked to in months. Uhhh, yeah. Not the best way to go about it, really. Ugh. Can I just clone myself for the next nine months (and five days, not that I'm counting) so one Emma can go to work and earn enough money to pay for the wedding, while the other Emma plans and DIYs the dang thing? Pretty please?


  1. Am am still thankful five years later for my parents constant involvement with my wedding. I was out of the country for a month before I got married. There's no way I could've done it without them. Hope the magnets turn out great!

  2. How come when I wear clothes like this and take pictures, they never look as good as you do here? Must be the camera... *grumble*

  3. I dunno...your legs always send me into fits of jealousy!!


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