Thursday, July 31, 2014

Budgeting bloggers: July

First off, a plea for help. I know this post often brings in a lot of folks who don't regularly read this blog--welcome, everyone!--thanks to Fran's linkup. If any of you do self-photography with a Nikon and a remote, could you pretty please read my previous post and send any advice you have my way? I'll love you forever.

Okay, now on to July's clothes budget! Initially, I didn't intend to buy anything this month. But then a week before our engagement photos, I was hit with a serious case of I-have-nothing-to-wear-itis, and had to go shopping. I kept it mostly under control, though!

july budget

1. Victoria's Secret dress via Discount Fashion Warehouse. I never thought I'd wear something from VS that the general public would see, but here it is. The gorgeous tulip hem and faux-wrap style are unlike anything else in my closet, and I love it. | $22 {same dress, different colors}
2. Striped 3/4-sleeve top via TJ Maxx. I love the gold zipper down the back, and I especially love how soft and comfy it is. | $14.99
3. White tee via Target. Needed something for the Color Run (which I've just realized I have yet to do a post about. Oops!) | $9 {exact}
4. Michael Kors capris via TJ Maxx. I don't know what I loved best about these pants: that they're MK, that they were so inexpensive, or that they were a size I haven't squeezed into in years. Either way, they're a win all around and I'm terrified to wear them because I just KNOW I'll spill something. | $20
5. BCBG sandals via TJ Maxx. I had exactly one pair of brown shoes (or rather, boots) and these looked so great with the MK pants and the striped top! | $34.99
6. The Limited knot earrings via DFWh. Bought to replace a pair I've had for ages and have since tarnished beyond salvation. The only non-essential purchase I made this month! | $5 {exact}
7. The Limited gold necklace via DFWh. To go with that gorgeous green dress, natch. | $7

Not pictured:
1. A nude-colored backless/strapless sticky bra from Target. Halfway through my dance performances earlier this month, my existing backless sticky bra just kind of gave up. I rushed to Target in the few hours I had between shows and picked up another...this time with replaceable sticky parts. | $30.98 (with extra sticky things) {exact}
2. Earrings for my two newest cartilage piercings. The existing hoops were wayyyy too big and noticeable. Fortunately, a local tattoo/piercing shop was running a BOGO sale, so I got two for the price of one. | $10.75

Total spent, including tax: $162.51. Yikes. I'd say August will be a no-buy month, but I desperately need a new everyday bra (yawn) and a bikini or two for our beach trip (yay!). Oh, well.

Do you keep a monthly clothes budget? How'd you do?

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  1. You have a good eye! I totally bought those three things to go together as an outfit. And yep, you'll be seeing it around these parts :)


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